Golfing in Spain

Spain; the home of Seve Ballesteros, who set many a world record in the golfing area; is also the home of many superb golf courses that are played by new and skilled golfers alike. There are many golf resorts where property can be purchased at surprisingly reasonable prices.

Spain has a pleasant climate for any golfer who is thinking about a location for a golfing holiday, or to buy property. With over 500 golf courses to choose from, Spain boasts a number of fantastic courses that are in included in the Golfing magazines.

From the Real Golf de Pedreña; Seve Ballesteros’ home course, in the North, to the Alcaidesa Links Golf Resort in the south; Spain offers all levels of golfers the opportunity to stretch their skills and to experience a dream golfing experience. For the non-golfers in the family, there is plenty of luxurious accommodation to choose from that offers a selection of Spa treatments and shopping, while golfers can challenge themselves from tee to green.

Depending on the time of year, golfers can be entertained by watching professional golfers play at some events held in Spain annually. A good example of this is the Spanish Open, which is played by both women and men. Golf courses offer non-golf members the opportunity to play on championship course, meaning you can boast to your friends that you played a golf course that golf professionals played on.

Golfing in Spain is probably the most sought after location in the world. Not only is Spain rich in history, it is also the country that offers a number of golfing tours that are tailored towards different golfing levels. For the new golfer, you can book golf lessons with world renowned golf instructors; spending quality one-on-one time perfecting the swing and game. While the more skilled golfer can test their skills, in golf events that are designed for the everyday golfer looking for a little international experience.
For the golfers that are traveling light but also want that international experience, many golf courses offer top class hire equipment. This means that those avid golfers can sneak away for a quick 9 holes while their partner is still sleeping.

Spain is a gem when it comes to golf courses, because many reviews state that Spain does not hold back in quality and service. Golf in Spain is definitely a must for any golfer’s ‘bucket list’, and even your non-golfing friends and family members will enjoy the holiday as the golfing resorts in Spain usually have loads of other activities on offer and are situated in prime coastal locations.

Anyone owning property on one of these golf resorts will never be short of entertainment, nor I’m sure of friends wanting to visit!